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Best 25 Delicious Breakfast Around The World

In many other countries, it’s not so much breakfast as it is coffee and a few snacks. But breakfast (or brunch) is more than that—it can be a profound cultural experience.

Their breakfast can come in many forms, such as breakfast cereals, breakfast pastry, breakfast tea, breakfast grains and breakfast drinks.

Different countries have different food. You can see the differences in culture and even regional variation. In breakfast, breakfast dishes can vary considerably across regions.

For breakfast, breakfast in North America often consists of cereal or oatmeal with milk and fruit.

Meanwhile, breakfast in England and Australia includes breakfast, tea and breakfast in some countries such as France may consist of eggs like “oeufs cocotte”.

Breakfast can be a light breakfast or a heavy breakfast. Here are some breakfast dishes around the world:

– Arab breakfast: includes labneh (a yogurt cheese), fruit or cake; “chapatti” bread accompanied with eggs and fruit

– Nigerian breakfast: rice porridge (made from rice or maize flour), yam, cornmeal, plantain

– French breakfast: croissant with butter and jam

– Irish breakfast: black pudding, white pudding, fried eggs, mashed potatoes, fried bacon

– American breakfast: pancakes with syrup and bacon.

Here are 25 Delicious Breakfast Around The World


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Indian breakfasts vary depending on region, but the South Indian breakfast often includes idlis  (steamed rice and lentils) or dosas (a type of pancake made from fermented batter of rice or black gram).

Other items typically eaten at breakfast in India are poha, ural and upma.

Breakfast in North India is often based around parathas, aloo-puri, and other dishes.


Pasta Dish On Brown Ceramic Plate

In China, breakfast can be just like lunch or dinner.

Chinese breakfast is made from noodles, rice, a type of chicken that is sticky and fried vegetables. People eat it with steamed buns and hot soups called congee that is all mixed.

However, the Chinese fried dough sticks are a common addition.


5 Most Delicious Colombian Breakfasts You Need To Try -

Many people in Colombia eat traditional breakfasts. They can include tamales, hot chocolate with cheese and artisanal breads, changua, calentao or an arepa with butter, salt and cheese.

Colombian breakfasts often call for a cup of Colombian coffee to provide the perfect burst of energy.

Costa Rica

A popular breakfast dish in Costa Rica is Gallo Pinto (rice cooked with black beans, red peppers and onions).

It is topped with salsa and sour cream. It is served with eggs, avocado, or cheese.


An Egyptian breakfast dish of ful medames is made with fava beans and chickpeas stewed in cumin, parsley, onion, lemon, and chilli.

It is often served with hard-boiled eggs or a piece of pita.


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About German Food Culture - Tastessence

Eating a traditional German breakfast is a lovely simple breakfast.

Breakfast often consists of a variety of local bread, cured meats, fresh produce and cheeses. This is usually washed down with a cup of coffee.

In Bavaria, the typical Bavarian breakfast is white veal sausages with sweet mustard, pretzels, and beer.


A traditional Iranian breakfast typically includes flatbreads, such as barbari, noon-e sangak, lavash, or noon-e taftoon.

These are served with butter, fruit jams like apricot or raspberry preserves (or honey), heavy cream and feta cheese. It also often includes cucumbers and tomatoes.

Another breakfast dish that would be more time-consuming to prepare is a traditional Abkhazian omelette, which consists of an egg cooked in butter and sided with a bit of ham.

Other breakfasts, such as the one from Iran called haleem (a thick porridge topped with meat), are also tricky to cook.

Iranians have chai Shirin, tea with granulated sugar, only with breakfast.

United States

The Ultimate Guide To An American Breakfast - The Kitchen Community

Most American breakfasts consist of eggs, crispy bacon, hash browns and toast.

Breakfast often includes pancakes and maple syrup.

There are many different variations of these dishes, which are often served with orange juice.


Breakfast traditions vary significantly between countries. A typical Venezuelan breakfast is arepas, a type of corn cake that accompanies most meals locally.

Sometimes breakfast foods are fried, and sometimes they’re baked. Typically these dishes are topped with cheese, ham, chicken, pork or fish.

One popular dish is empanadas, pastries that typically contain cheese or meat and are filled with vegetables.


14 Popular French Breakfast Foods - Insanely Good

Unlike many Western European countries, an average French breakfast will often be light and healthy.

Along with bread and pastries, breakfast often includes a cup of coffee or tea.

Salty foods are not often eaten for breakfast, typically reserved for more delicious dishes similar to those being served at lunch or dinner.


Hungarians often start their day with pogácsa, a focaccia-like bread stuffed with potatoes, ground beef, or cheese.

Ingredients can be sprinkled on top before baking.


The Evolution Of Japanese Breakfasts Discover Oishii Japan -Savor Japan - Japanese Restaurant Guide-

The traditional Japanese breakfast typically consists of many small dishes.

The Japanese breakfast includes rice, miso soup, sticky soybeans, nori seaweed, pickled vegetables and fish.


The Lebanese breakfast is a combination of various traditional staples.

These include flatbreads, labne and other dairy products, eggs, olives and tomatoes, as well as regionally-influenced dishes.


Singaporean food is culturally diverse, drawing on influences from Malaysia to India and Europe.

Their breakfast food is a mixture of all of these. Popular foods include kaya toast.

This sandwich is made with white bread and butter. It also has a coconut, egg, sugar spread called kaya jam.


Swedish breakfasts often consist of Nordic open sandwiches covered with cold cuts, fish, cheese, or vegetables.

One popular Swedish breakfast dish is Pannkakor.

These thin, pancake-like treats are made with cloudberries and lingonberries to create a sweet-tart flavour.


A famous Spanish breakfast is a hot sandwich of bread with tomato.

Common in the Catalan region, this dish consists of garlic-rubbed toast with tomato and olive oil.

This Spanish breakfast is served with coffee and can be topped with cheese if required.


In Turkey, people eat bread, cheese, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and Turkish sausages for breakfast. They also eat honey and fruit.

Breakfast offers insight into local culture and is accompanied by baked goods like börek (pastry).

United Kingdom

One famous breakfast dish from the UK is a full English breakfast, including eggs, sausages, bacon, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, and hash browns.

As a Scottish breakfast, regional variations abound, including black pudding and haggis, while Irish breakfasts have white pudding with soda bread.

Breakfast often comes with a cup of tea, which is usually some variation of breakfast tea.


Italy has some of the lightest breakfasts, much like France and Spain.

Consisting of a cappuccino and cornetto, or an Italian croissant, or biscotti.

In this way, it allows for the more heavy meals eaten during lunch and dinner.


Korean breakfasts are significantly related to their lunch or dinner, as in China. This typically includes rice, soup, fish or beef, and fermented vegetables.


People in the Netherlands often have bread for breakfast. This bread is usually buttered and sometimes has ham, cheese, jam, or hagelsag.

They also might have cereal or something that they call an “uitsmijter.”


Greek breakfasts are made up of many different dishes. The most popular are savoury pies (such as spanakopita) or scrambled eggs with tomatoes and feta.

Yoghurt, honey and walnuts can accompany this. You can also have pastries, bread, and cold cuts.

A typical breakfast consists of chickpeas, olives, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber yogurt, and bread in Crete. The Greeks enjoy honey, hard-boiled eggs and orange juice or tea/coffee for breakfast to accompany these foods.


Israel is known for its kibbutz breakfast, which often includes bread with various cheeses, an omelette or eggs Benedict, tuna, olives, butter and jams.

One popular dish is the Shakshouka (eggs poached in a tomato sauce).


A famous Russian breakfast often consists of small girdle cakes.

There are numerous varieties like the cheese-stuffed syrniki, crepe-like blini made with kefir, and fluff oladis.

One typical breakfast includes soured cream, honey, jam or fresh berries.


In Mexico, breakfast is a hearty meal usually consisting of dishes like chilaquiles. These are fried tortillas topped with traditional sauces and meats, or even leftovers. 

Traditional Mexican Huevos Rancheros is also a popular choice.

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