Viking Filming Locations

Viking Filming Locations In Ireland You Can Actually Visit

Most people know where to find the mythical worlds of Game of Thrones and The Lord Of The Rings, but where can you see the filming locations for Vikings? Ireland!

Yes, it might not be Iceland or Norway where most of the show is filmed, but it’s close enough that a day trip will make any Viking fan happy.

The Finest Viking Filming Locations In Ireland You Can Visit.

The show follows the adventures of a Viking called Ragnar Lodbrok. It is based on both facts and just stories.

The majority of the show is set in England, Denmark, and other parts of Northern Europe. It also shows scenes around the Mediterranean.

Many of the places that they show in Vikings are actually in Ireland. A lot of those places are in Wicklow County, which is just south of Dublin.

This region is seen due to its lush Nordic-looking landscapes consisting of mountains, glacial lakes and forests.

Here are 7 Viking Filming Locations

Lough Tay (County Wicklow)

Green And Gray Mountain Beside Body Of Water During Daytime

Lough Tay is the site of one of the filming locations for the Viking settlement in Kattegat.

Wicklow County has mountains that look like a fjord. They make the perfect background for this fictional village.

We cannot get close to the Loch. It is on private land.

The Kattegat village set was previously on location at the shore in Ireland. After filming, it has been moved to a studio in Ballyhenry.

Blessington Lakes (County Wicklow)

People Riding On Wooden Watercraft

Many scenes from the show Vikings are filmed on a lake in Ireland. The lakes are used for filming when Viking people go on long trips to explore new places.

These lakes were formed over 50 years ago. They are 500 acres big, and they are in the Wicklow Mountains. Scenes from movies were filmed nearby too, like Lough Dan.

Luggula Estate (County Wicklow)

Luggula Estate is a mountain by Lough Tay. Vikings, a show about people who lived in the past, shows it as the landscape around Kattegat.

You can look on the internet or in a book about Wicklow. You will find that it is famous for its incredible beauty and dramatic backdrops.

Powerscourt Waterfall (County Wicklow)

Waterfalls On Rocky Mountain Under Blue Sky During Daytime

A waterfall and an estate can be seen in the background when the Vikings TV show first introduced Aslaug, Ragnar’s wife.

Powerscourt is an ancient castle. Vikings were interested in the estate because it has been in existence since the 13th century and is famous for its garden.

Nuns Beach (County Kerry)

County Kerry, Ireland, was used as the setting of medieval Northumbria in the TV series Vikings.

Nuns Beach is located near the Wild Atlantic Way. It got its name from the nuns who used to bathe there in the past.

The beach is only accessible by boat or a very steep path.

There is a place called the Nine Daughters. It has an exciting story.

The story is about Nine daughters who fell in love with Viking invaders. They planned to run away together, but the Vikings wanted to take them all.

But, their father caught them and threw both his daughters and the Vikings into the sea.

River Boyne (County Meath)

Slane Mill And Bridge At The River Boyne - Beautiful Area For Walks,  Fishing, Picnics, Rafting/C - Picture Of Slane, County Meath - Tripadvisor

In Season 4 of the show, the Vikings sail down the Seine River to take Paris city.

However, this was filmed on the Boyne River in County Meath, with all of Paris being added in later with CGI.

Correspondingly, scenes were also filmed on the walls of nearby Slane Castle.

Ashford Studios (County Wicklow)

Ashford Studios is not as exciting as the others.

The Wicklow studio has been used for Vikings since 2013. The computer animation and the green screen there are where lots of TV shows get their start.

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