About Taste of Trip

Travel is the best addiction to get into, and Taste of Trip encourage travelers across the world to share their obsession. We provide a platform to connect people from all walks of life, where one can exchange their travel experiences, interests, passion and aspirations.

The best way of learning is traveling, and we believe everyone should experience the travel escapades, regardless of their physical abilities and finances. No matter which place you belong and irrespective of your passion and interest, there is always a trip waiting for you around the corner.

Whether you are going for a family trip or solo, weekend holiday or extended stays, luxury trip or adventurous trip, camping or trekking, Taste of Trip community will help you to plan your vacation more efficiently. Stories of community members, their blogs, real-life images and videos, suggestions and their reviews on destinations, hotels & resorts and transportation will give you the insight on the trips.

To get something great you need Passion and Motivation, you bring your passion we give you the motivation:- “Travel More – Earn More”; Yes Taste of trips has an incentive plan for you to stimulate your passion for travel. We know humans connect very well with stories, so you can share your travel stories along with images and videos of your trip and in return get incentivized. Your intriguing travel story will get you likes and views, and Taste of Trip will reward you accordingly…

Taste of Trip-Travel More Earn More Cycle:

Explore different places, experience local cuisine of the destinations, take the photographs and videos of the panoramic beauty of that place….

Share your story and experience with Taste of Trip Community, upload your videos and photographs and create visually phenomenal travel story…

Your breathtaking story will get you likes and views and Taste of Trip will give incentive for your splendid experience…

And you pack your bag to explore new destination….