Coldest Places in Russia

5 Coldest Places in Russia

The Coldest Places in Russia are some of the fascinating places to visit on Earth.

One of these Coldest Places is Oymyakon, which has been recorded as having a temperature of -67 degrees Fahrenheit.

This Coldspot is about 500 miles northeast of Yakutsk, the largest city in Siberia and Russia’s Coldest Cities!

If you find yourself in Russia, it may be wise to pack a coat. The coldest places in Russia are not for the faint of heart!

These five locations have the lowest temperatures year-round and will make your toes tremble just thinking about them.


From Oymyakon To Tomtor - Coldest Places In Russia
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The remote village of Oymyakon is near the Arctic Circle. It is closer to the Arctic Circle than the nearest city.

A monument in the town square commemorated the day when temperatures dropped to 96 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

Oymyakon is the coldest place in the world. It’s north of the Sea of Okhotsk, and it is permanently inhabited.

Roughly 500 people live in Oymyakon, Russia. They are experienced the most brutal winter. Nevertheless, people are interested in the village and its tough residents. They live there year after year even though it is cold.

It is about 750 meters above sea level. This village only has one shop and one school closed when it gets below -60 Fahrenheit coldest temperature.

People in Oymyakon are called Yakutians. This is because they have found many ways to survive the harsh weather here.


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Yakutsk is the capital city of the Republic of Sakha. Russian Cossacks founded it in 1632.

One of the coldest cities in the world is Yakutsk. The average winter temperature is -40°C temp., but it can be colder than that.

Around 270,000 people live there. It is an icy city, and it has extreme weather all year round.

When the temperature is this cold, it can cause your skin and glasses to freeze. So most people do not stay outside for a long time.

Yakutsk is the coldest place in a Russian city, where people keep their car batteries running all day and store their cars in heated garages.

The winters in Yakutsk are frosty and long, last from October to April. In the wintertime, residents must wear appropriate clothing: mostly fur taking into account how cold it is.

Longer winter coats are often out of the budget for most people, so banks offer loans specifically for cold-weather wear.

With winter’s lowest temperature around -70°F and summer highs of 70°F, Yakutsk is both the world’s coldest city and with the greatest temperature variation.

Why do people choose to live in such a harsh environment? Yakutsk is a treasure mine. The area produces the diamonds. There are also natural gas mines in the area which can be used for energy.


Alykel-Norilsk Airport, Taimyr, Siberia, Russia | Despite Sn… | Flickr
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This city in Krasnoyarsk Krai, north of the Arctic Circle and has 130 days of snowstorms each year. The average temperature is -10°C

A town with lots of people who work in mining has many copper and other metals.

It is a closed city where many people were sent as prisoners between 1935 and 1956.

In the winter months, it can get frigid. For example, it can go down to -55°C cold temperature. They paint apartment blocks in pastels because colourless winter polar night starts for 10 months.

It is the world’s northernmost city with more than 100,000 people, and it is the second-largest city in the Arctic Circle.

Norilsk is a closed city, and travel without a special permit will not be allowed.


Another contender for the coldest place on Earth is Verkhoyansk, Russia. Situated north of Yakutsk, it’s a small village, but its winters are legendary.

From September to May, residents in Verkhoyansk town are afflicted by the bitter cold.

Temperatures in this region can often dip below -60°C.

Buildings in this coldest place are built on steel and concrete stilts as a precaution to ensure they remain stable even when winter is thawing.

During the short summer, people hunt and stockpile food. They store it in their basement, and it is like a freezer.


At Dudinka, the winters are long, and temperatures can sometimes dip below -50°C.

The summers barely hit above 10°C and only offer for a couple of months. This closed town, Dudinka, is located on the Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk Region.

The Day of the Reindeer Herder is a festival. Many people dress up in traditional costumes and race reindeer.

It is home to a 462-meter tall Soviet radio transmitter. This is the second tallest structure in the former Soviet Union and taller than any man-made structure in Europe.

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