Dachigam National Park

Dachigam National Park in Jammu & Kashmir

The most scenic park in the state for which the people of India are most attracted, Dachigam National Park is famous for its endangered hangul or Kashmir stag.

About Dachigam National Park

The park covers a 141 km² area which is 22 km from Srinagar city.

The majesty of this natural park is most visible in its deep valleys, rocky outcrops, tall wooded slopes and rolling alpine pastures.

The Dachigam National Park is in a mountainous area of Jammu & Kashmir. The altitude ranges from 1600 meters to 4200 meters above sea level.

Dachigam National Park has two regions. One is the upper region, and the other is the lower region.

The park was created to give people clean drinking water. Later in 1910, this became a place that is protected.

Dachigam National Park
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Dachigam means “Ten Villages” and was the namesake of the 10 villages relocated to create it.

Dachigam has been a national park since 1981 and is home to many rare species of animals.

Dachigam National Park in Kashmir valley remains clean and bright throughout the year. The appearance of the park changes with every season.

  • The park is beautiful in the winter. It gets covered with a white snow blanket.
  • In the spring, the parks are green, and there might be snow on top of the mountains.
  • When it is summer, the snow melts away, and you can see waterfalls and streams.
  • In autumn, leaves change colours. They turn red, gold, yellow and orange.

Flora And Fauna

Dachigam is a habitat for the Kashmir Stag, which is native to Kashmir.

They are often spotted in the winter when they hang out in low-lying areas.

Wild animals of Dachigam include musk deer, brown bear, leopards, lynxes, Himalayan black bear and a few species of wild goat such as markhor and ibex.

One can see bird species like black bulbul, cinnamon sparrows, Himalayan monals, Kashmir flycatchers and colourful pheasants. There are also crimson tragopans and blood pheasants.

Besides these animals, the golden eagle and bearded vulture can be seen flying in the sky.

And in the flora area, Dachigam National Park has many different tree species. They include Wild Cherry, Pear, Plum, Peach, Apple, Apricot, Walnut (etc.).

How to reach Dachigam National Park?

  • Approximately 40 kilometres from Sheikh ul Alam International Airport in Srinagar.
  • 32 kilometres from Srinagar Railway Station
  • 22 kilometres from Lalchowk in Srinagar

Best time to visit Dachigam National Park?

The ideal time to visit the upper Dachigam is May through August, while for lower Dachigam, it’s September through December.

Entry Fee

In order to visit Dachigam National Park, a permit must be acquired from the Wildlife Department.

Visiting Dachigam National Park costs INR 25 per person.

Important information about Dachigam National Park

  • Dachigam is open every day between 05:30 am – 06:30 pm.
  • You cannot drive in Dachigam National Park. You can only explore the park by walk.
  • To explore the park, it is advised to start early in the morning.
  • Bring your food and water near the park as they are not an availability of food in that area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Dachigam National Park is famous?

Dachigam was created to make sure that there is water for people in Srinagar. It has been a protected area since 1910. It is now a national park and famous for the hangul, Kashmir stag lives here.

Who established Dachigam National Park?

Dachigam National Park was established in 1910 as a hunting reserve by the Maharaja of Kashmir.

Which river flows through Dachigam National Park?

The Marsar Lake is the highest point in the area. From there, the Dagwan River flows.

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